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Effortless company registration, dedicated company secretary & stress-free accounting. Backed by real people, for real success.

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All the corporate services you need under one roof, to make your business life easy and exciting.

Register a company

Launch your company effortlessly.

We'll handle the registration and all the paperwork, placing you on the fast track to business. No hassles, just smooth sailing towards success.

Company Secretary

Navigate your business with ease.

Your dedicated company secretary answers your questions, tracks deadlines and handles documents. Experience and support in one place.

Accounting & Tax

Simplify your accounting and taxes.

We manage paperwork, crunch the numbers and file your taxes efficiently. Need quick answers and advice? We've got your back.

Why choose blynq?

Discover the advantages of working with blynq.

Real people, real support

Whether in person, via text or on a (video) call, our team’s here to guide you. Expert advice is just a click away.

Everything under one roof

From setting up to running your business in a compliant way: we streamline all your business needs. No more juggling multiple providers, to maximize your efficiency.

Tailored to you

One size never fits all. We understand that every business and entrepreneur is unique. Our services can be easily customized to fit your goals and needs.

Guidance from pros

With years of industry experience, our professionals have the know-how and insights to make your business thrive.

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